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26/04/18 – Introducing Mel Tucker, WRM’s Newest Team Member

Introducing Senior Environmental Consultant Melissa Tucker, WRM’s newest team member!

Mel has a strong background in aquatic ecology. After earning honours in environmental biology at the University of Adelaide, with a thesis focussing on the development of chironomid (non-biting midge) larvae in waste water treatment plants, Mel has worked for a variety of aquatic ecology-focussed organisations in South Australia and Victoria, with a key emphasis on the Murray-Darling basin.

Mel has extensive experience in fish biomonitoring (including boat-based electrofishing), water quality monitoring, invertebrate sampling and identification, threatened species management, vegetation surveys and project management. She is also experienced in community awareness campaigning and stakeholder engagement, having presented at numerous workshops involving stakeholders and representatives from a variety of industries across the Murray-Darling basin. She has also been a member of several threatened fish focus groups and committees, including the Coorong and Lower Lakes Scientific Advisory Group (fish ecologist representative), and the threatened fish advisory board for the purple spotted gudgeon Mogurnda adspersa and Murray hardyhead Craterocephalus fluviatilis.

Since moving to Perth from her native South Australia, has plied her trade at Natural Area Consulting (NAC), using her people management skills to coordinate and supervise field crews in on-ground wetland and foreshore rehabilitation projects.

We are thrilled to welcome Mel to the WRM family!

Mel w Golden perch

Mel with a golden perch, Macquaria ambigua, native to the Murray-Darling basin where she has conducted much of her work in aquatic ecology.