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31/05/18 – WRM’s Andrew, Kim, Fin and Emma now movie stars?

This year, the Roebuck Bay Working Group (RBWG) will show three films at Sun Pictures and Sun Cinemas in Broome, with the primary aim to educate locals and visitors about the high values of the Ramsar wetlands of Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach, and to call for everyone to play a part in caring for these special marine environments. The first film to be shown is Life in the Long Mud, which stars WRM company director Dr Andrew Storey, and Environmental Consultants Kim Nguyen, Emma Thillainath and Fintan Angel, who all took part in the featured AnnRoeBIM expedition in 2016:

Life in the Long Mud With a major ‘benthic’ expedition on Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach in 2016, the film shows the importance of the remarkable invertebrates that live in the lmudflats of the two Ramsar listed wetlands. The information is informing the management of these valuable wetlands for migratory shorebirds, as they come under growing pressure from human interference on the East Asian Australasian Flyway.  Thank you Paul Bell for making the film and State NRM through Royalties for Regions for the funding.