About WRM

WRM was established in 1995 by Dr Andrew Storey (BSc Hons., PhD), who has over 30 years’ experience in aquatic ecology and environmental management, working across the UK, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Indonesia and Australia. Starting out as a small firm based out of the School of Animal Biology at the University of Western Australia (where Dr Storey is still an Adjunct Professor), WRM has now grown into a highly experienced and regarded research and consultancy group, based in the riverside suburb of Burswood, Western Australia.

WRM’s Burswood office space contains a fully-functional laboratory, where invertebrate samples are processed and specimens identified in-house. Our expert taxonomists are adept at identifying rare, short-range endemic and relictual invertebrate species associated with aquatic environments. The WRM laboratory houses the latest Leica high performance stereo microscopes, as well as Leica DFC425 compound microscopes, with digital camera and vertical LED illumination systems, allowing high-level taxonomy and high resolution photography of specimens. A library of the latest taxonomic literature and dichotomous keys, along with a voucher collection containing over 1000 reference-specimens from across Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia, assist with specimen identifications.

WRM also possess all necessary equipment for sampling aquatic systems, including a custom-built 4.3 m electrofishing vessel, Smith-Root Model LR-24 backpack electrofisher units, WTW water quality meters, a range of fyke, gill, seine, plankton and dip nets, and all necessary safety equipment for conducting remote field surveys (e.g. Iridium satellite phones, Spot Trackers, Garmin GPS units, defibrillators and first-aid kits).

Please see our Services page to see the full range of specialist aquatic ecology survey and management services we can provide.