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WRM attends 12th annual WA Wetland Management Conference

In February 2016, Anton Mittra of WRM attended the 12th annual WA Wetland Management Conference held at the Cockburn Wetland Education Centre. The conference coincided with World Wetlands Day and also marked the 45th anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. The conference had a number of key note speakers including Professor Hans Lambers (UWA, Kwongan Foundation) who explained the importance of diversifying the Western Australian economy with an emphasis on ecotourism; Val English (DPaW) who discussed the characteristics of, and threats to, coastal saltmarsh landscapes in WA; and Chris Beaton (City of Cockburn) who described the design and implementation of a solar-powered nutrient removal system at Yangebup Lake. The conference was highly informative, and provided an opportunity for members of the collective wetlands community – government, corporate and public alike – to meet and exchange information and ideas. WRM eagerly await next year’s conference.

WA Wetlands Day poster